Match Report
Bancroft's School Girls-U12C vs  Colfe's School
On: Friday, 11 Nov 2022
Venue: at Home

On the 11th November, the C, D and E teams had a fixture against Colfe’s school (a school in south-east London). The C team beat Colfe’s 2-0, the D team beat Colfe’s 1-0, and the E team beat Colfe’s 3-1, so overall, it was a very good show from Bancroft's. In the C team, we had Ella, Esther, Ikra, Uditi, Jemeera, Alisha, Anya, Maya and Kitty. Our defenders (Uditi and Jemeera) were awesome at keeping the ball away from the goal and with Kitty (our goalkeeper), managed to let the other team score no goals. Colfe’s were very hard to beat and some of their players were excellent, however, we really persevered and even when they were so close to scoring a goal, we pushed through and hit the ball elsewhere. Alisha did some helpful runs down the wings which aided the attackers' attempting to score a goal. Ikra was always in the right position to be passed to and Anya was excellent at scoring the goals. During the whole match, we came together as a team and cheered each other on, whether it be from the sidelines or on the pitch. In addition, Miss Cresswell was an amazing coach and really supported us throughout and before the match. At the end, it was a huge relief to hear we had won as we had worked so hard. We chose the player of the match for Colfe’s to be a girl called Gaia who put up tough competition, we voted (amongst ourselves) for Ikra to be player of the match and Miss Cresswell chose Alisha. This experience was very fun and we’re looking forward to playing Colfe’s in the future.